As a photographer, i am constantly looking into the lives of my subjects. Looking with everything i have lived, my knowledge, experience and total involvment, enabling me to relate to my subjects. Understanding this allows me to share these relationships with the world.

Creating is my love and passion. I'm driven by something given to me by my father that I cannot manage to articulate; My mind is constantly driven by new concepts, ideas and visions of what I can create, achieve and do. I work to spend my life exploring and experiencing everything this life can give me, everywhere and anywhere I can. Meeting and telling the stories of the people that fill my life. Family and Friends are everything to me, without them I would likely be a shadow of the person I am today.

Living life behind the lense is my muse. I am forever infatuated by where my camera will take me and the things I will capture with this amazing tool. 


Currently based in Ventura, California & am avaliable for freelance inquiries and print sales, see contact page.